If you’re after an umbrella that will look good and work perfectly even after years in the sun, our range of aluminium umbrellas offer great poolside, beach and patio accessories. No matter where you intend to place yours outside, aluminium is able to withstand all types of weather conditions without requiring constant maintenance the way that wood usually does.

Aluminium round umbrellas are the ideal way to shade yourself from the sun when spending time outdoors. The colour of the fabric can be chosen to compliment your outdoor décor. They provide a large area of shade and are portable, which means you can use as and where desired when spending long lazy days outside.

Our aluminium hanging umbrellas can be conveniently placed over numerous different outdoor spots to provide protection from the sun. As opposed to traditional umbrellas, these can hang over the side of a pool, over a corner of a table or over a play area, where they can prevent metal structures like slides from getting too hot. The versatile nature of these hanging accessories means when needed, you can rotate the arm to ensure your targeted outdoor area is suitably shaded.

South Africa boasts some of the best weather in the world and we all know how easy it is to lose track of time when spending time with friends and family around the pool so, to ensure you have the best outdoor protection possible, choose one of our sturdy aluminium umbrellas to take home today.