Bar and Bistro Sets


If there’s one thing the traditional South African knows, it’s how to relax and savour a drink. A quality bar set which matches your interior design, however, can be very difficult to find. Patio Warehouse is the largest supplier of outdoor furniture and  accessories on the African continent, which means that our valued customers have a larger selection available to them than ever before. 

From finely crafted wrought iron furniture to elegant but durable wicker furniture pieces, Patio Warehouse has the stock that you’ve been searching for.  Indoor bars usually open up to the pool or outdoor area of the home, which adds to the atmosphere of relaxation – and it’s for this reason that Patio Warehouse acts as the perfect one-stop shop for all your needs. Furniture and accessories in these areas make a big difference in the level of comfort and sense of pride that your bar and outdoor spots offer you.

Finding that perfect bar set or furniture for a baris more than just a finishing touch; the right pieces can complete the look which you’ve been aiming for and provide you with that perfect environment for a lazy Sunday afternoon. If you’ve tried over and over to find the perfect pieces in order to realise your dream bar and outdoor area without luck, then we’re here to tell you that the search is over. Patio Warehouse stocks only top quality items which have been sourced from both international and local suppliers – delivering only the best to you, our customers. 

Our team of experts are trained and ready to answer your questions or assist you in locating the perfect bar set and related items, or browse a selection of our products right here. 


Bars and Bistro Sets