BBQ and Trollies

If you’ve been searching for high quality barbecue grills to complete your outdoor braai experience then Patio Warehouse has the solution for you. As the top supplier of outdoor goods and accessories in the country, we’re ideally positioned to find you the perfect gas braai at the right price for your needs. With huge stock selections sourced from top rated international and local suppliers, you’re guaranteed to find braai equipment to suit your needs. 

Enjoying a Sunday gas braai in South Africa is a national pastime as natural to us as baseball is to Americans, but it tastes much better than a hotdog. The culture of braaing has been bringing friends and families closer together for generations and is noted as one of the most social events in South Africa today. Despite being a popular pastime it can all too often be very difficult to find braai equipment which really suits your outdoor needs, quality expectations or simply visual appeal. 

The benefit of having one of the largest stock selections in the country is that our valued customers are able to easily compare prices and quality listings to source their ideal braai for sale. Good quality barbecue grills can markedly improve the flavour of your cooking, greatly adding to your reputation as a master braai chef. Many gas braais have various degrees of add-ons and features,  like a side cooker and rotisserie to make your gas braai the ideal kitchen . 

With a wide selection of patio furniture, bar accessories and braai equipment, Patio Warehouse prides itself on providing everything which you and your family need to enjoy your relaxation time under one roof. Browse our selection of barbecue grills today, and enjoy years of classic South African braaing. 


BBQ and Trollies