A lot of sturdy and hardwearing outdoor furniture pieces need cushions in order to make them more plush and inviting. An ornate stone chair might look fantastic but it is hardly comfortable to sit on without a big fat cushion to soften it up. The same goes for deck chairs, benches, patio furniture, couches and other outdoor furnishings that make up your entertainment area.

The ideal outdoor pillows and cushions should be well fitted to a particular piece of furniture. They also need to enhance comfort and look good. Some fabrics available from Patio Warehouse are traditionally made from hardwearing textiles that last longer even when left out in the rain, exposed to sun or sat on after a dip in the pool, outdoor cushions are designed to look stylish as well as provide long lasting comfort.

If you have neutral, large pieces of furniture, the biggest benefit of accessorising with various kinds of cushions is that you can follow seasonal trends and change your theme often. For example, choose your seating cushion in a neutral colour, but choose your scatter cushions in bright colours to add fun and playfulness to any area. It’s an affordable way to add a splash of colour whenever you feel like it, with minimal effort. 

We stock a wide variety of cushions, scatter cushions and outdoor accessories to make your patio more stylish, comfortable and inviting. Whether you’re after a set of box-edge outdoor cushions or something to make your benches more comfortable, we’ve got locally made and imported products that are set to impress. 

Visit one of our well-stocked stores today and choose cushions from a range of sizes and colours –then enjoy spending more cosy leisure time on your patio.  

Please note: Due to our wide variety, the cushions displayed in these pictures are not always carried as stocked items. Please visit one of our stores for your selection.

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