Patio Heaters

Put your patio heaters to good use this season, enjoy the crisp night air by snuggling up with your family outdoors without the teeth-chattering shivers. Erase the urgency to get inside and enjoy the beauty of the Southern African night sky in the privacy of your patio, while your outdoor heater keeps you warm. When you’ve got great company and an eco-friendly outdoor heater, sneaking out onto your patio to enjoy the stars will prove to be both a relaxing and comfortable experience.

Entertaining outdoors during the cold winters can be an uphill struggle, the fear of having your guests huddle together in small heat-seeking clusters could put a permanent damper on any celebration. Erase the possibility of shivering guests by choosing from our selection of patio heaters, capable of heating an area up to 18 square metres per individual heater.

Long gone are the days of burning wood to keep warm, these days, sitting in swirls of carbon monoxide has become rather uninviting. Keeping your family warm outside has never been this effortless, at the click of a switch you can enjoy superb outdoor heating from our range of top-quality patio heaters.

The chic stainless-steel finish of our outdoor patio heaters, will suit the décor of most patios or landscaped gardens. It blends in gracefully with even the most obscure designs. Patio heaters will greatly improve your outdoor experience and you can look forward to enjoying your garden or patio in comfort.

Adding an outdoor heater will also increase the usability of your garden, backyard or patio year round. At Patio Warehouse we make getting the best patio heaters a convenient, easy process with our online viewing and purchasing options.  

Patio Heaters