Fall in love with luxury shade solutions

Fall in love with luxury shade solutions

Is there anything better than spending a relaxing weekend outdoors? Breathing in the fresh air, soaking up the sights and sounds of nature, and enjoying good food and conversation against a backdrop of greenery and peaceful surroundings.

Well, yes, there is. Experiencing all of this from the cooling, shaded comfort of a high-end pergola or outdoor umbrella.

When things heat up outdoors

February is one of South Africa’s hottest months. Living in the southern hemisphere also means that we are exposed to much higher UV levels. This makes protective shade not only an essential, eye-catching outdoor statement but a must-have for protection against the heat and harshness of the African sun.

With Africa’s largest selection of patio furniture and accessories, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to the shape, size, material, and tilting and rotation options for umbrellas, or the style, finishings, and structural designs of pergolas.

As the temperatures heat up this February, also known as the month of love, make sure you keep things cool for your loved ones with the perfect shade solution.


Dating back over 3 000 years, pergolas were first used by the elite of Egyptian society. Built for opulent shelter, aesthetic beauty, protected walkways, and even large hanging gardens, the pergola has become a symbol of taste and tranquillity. Keeping the romanticism of this classic structure, today’s modern pergola becomes an immediate focal point for any sophisticated outdoor space.

If elegance and ambience is what you’re looking for, opt for the unique Hammond pergola with wood finish. Apart from opening up your garden or patio area to all-year-round entertainment with its high-quality weather protection features, the structure’s clean lines, louvered roof, and wood finishes creates a contemporary haven.

If the ambience of a coastal escape is what you seek, opt for the Hammond pergola in white. Using the same architectural lines, the white backdrop makes a beautiful encloser for a seaside sanctuary.


From the natural hues of khaki, serenity of sky blue, to calming cues of boulder, you will be spoilt for choice with the Patio Warehouse range of umbrellas and accessories. Whether it’s the top-of-the-range Aluminium Cantilever Umbrella, with excellent colourfastness and a 360 degrees rotation, or the more economical Aluminium Centre Pole Umbrella, we have you covered.

From everyone at Patio Warehouse, we wish you and your loved ones a very special Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s an at-home picnic, sundowners on the deck, or just snuggling on the outdoor lounge, we wish you many special moments and heart-warming memories this month.

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