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Create a dreamy and chic outdoor seating area with our latest style guide and décor tips.

The past three months have shown us what really matters, and more importantly – how important social connection is. Family time is an indispensable part of our social makeup but is also great for creating memories. Many years from now, your children will be reminiscing about the time we all had to stay in and socialise in a different way. To create the most pleasant memories, why not create an outdoor lounge area or patio where your family will feel just as comfortable as they do inside your home? We show you how.

It may feel daunting to know how to arrange your patio when looking at a blank space, but by defining your areas using décor and furniture, you can create cosy conversation corners.

Get a dining table that is large enough to accommodate a family feast and choose matching chairs with comfy seats so everyone will want to linger around the table. Add big sofas, soft throws, a fire pit, and some personal touches, and your outdoor seating area becomes a place to snuggle together without sacrificing style and functionality. An outdoor rug is perfect for unifying your space and creating that homey feel. Outdoor plants, flowers or shrubs also go a long way to add a sense of warmth. We recommend artificial plants if you struggle taking care of real ones or if your patio does not get much sun.

Outdoor furniture should look and feel comfortable, as embodied by the Sardinia Rocking Chair. The neutral and weatherproof wicker harmonises with the outdoors and allows accent pillows to pop.

To really pull the look together, think of your outside walls just like you would think of the walls in your house. By filling blank spots with statement or conversation-starting pieces, your deck will feel more personal. Consider your patio an extension of your living room – where stories can be told, and new memories can be made.

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