• Keep it hot, load shedding or not!

Keep it hot, load shedding or not!

Winter is upon us, and if you haven’t invested in a gas heater, now is the time to do so! Gas heaters are usually more effective than electric heaters, incur lower running costs, and use less fuel. You won’t need to rely on electricity or worry about load shedding, as gas heaters even operate during blackouts.
Gas heaters are also the go-to option for heating large spaces. The higher heat output means an indoor gas heater will be more effective and speedier at heating a larger room.

Despite what people may think, gas heaters are a healthier heating alternative. They do not emit unhealthy and harmful pollutants or gases, resulting in better indoor air quality especially compared to fireplaces (which also leave you with soot or ash to clean up). No more waiting for flames to die before going to bed!


Our range of Totai gas heaters is ideal for a cosy indoor living area, as well as any outdoor patio space. With so many options to choose from, you’ll be just as comfortable on your patio as you would be inside! Our range includes 3-panel ceramic gas heaters, as well as sleek and modern outdoor gas heaters in a variety of styles. Take your pick from fashion-forward colours and finishes like rose gold, matt black or silver.

We have plenty of stock available throughout SA and offer nationwide delivery, but if you need to warm up right now, you can collect your order at any of our local branches! Find your nearest store here.

On average, natural gas is cheaper than electricity, so a gas heater will save money on your bills.

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