• Seamlessly slide into the next season with Patio Warehouse

A timeless and enduring hue, the Pantone Classic Blue is elegant in its simplicity. Imprinted in our psyches as a soothing colour, Classic Blue brings a sense of peace and tranquillity to any environment – a homely sanctuary we need now more than ever.

Warm up your Classic Blue hue with trendy natural elements and textures. Visit any of our branches to browse our range of wooden accessories, woven baskets, artificial plants, and more. Gold and mustard remain on-trend, so you can easily repurpose the yellow items you might have bought from us in March. Yellow will bring a pop of colour and warmth to your space and make the transition from winter to summer a seamless one.

Once you’ve added your pops of colour, make sure you pair this gorgeous background palette with the right furniture. Paired with the natural and timeless Booka Corner Set, you’ll be able to re-centre your thoughts in no time. Our Booka Corner Set is a seven-piece L-shape unit, featuring a wooden Eucalyptus low dining table, and separate lounge chair and bench. This makes it easy to convert your space into either a dining area or a simple lounge zone. Its dual functionality and reasonable price point make this set the perfect choice in the current financial climate. The beautifully finished Eucalyptus wood is beautifully contrasted by the sleek nod to the Mid-century modern style – as classic and timeless as the Pantone colour of the year itself.

View the Booka Set and start planning your calm and serene sanctuary.

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