• This summer, we’re turning up the heat on style

The holidays are finally at our doorstep. And a stylish outdoor space can be too!

Picture this
The sun is setting, the summery smells of suntan lotion and cut grass float in the air. You’re sinking back into the modern, luxurious comfort of a Westhampton Lounge Set, laughing with your loved ones as you sip on a chilled drink in your hand, mouth-watering smells emanating from the exquisite homemade dishes cooking on your outdoor grill.

Sounds like a much-needed treat after a long year, right? With Patio Warehouse, this décor dream can be a staycation reality.

Supreme and serene
Whether you’re dallying in the daytime or easing into the evening, the Westhampton Lounge Set will offer you a small haven to rest and revitalise your body. With ample space for five people and a coffee table to station your sundowners, you can either enjoy the peace and quiet of the outdoors alone while stretched out on the lounger, or you can share the stylish space with friends and family.

The flavourful aromas rising from the Landmann Triton Max PTS 4.1 Gas BBQ will ensure you can enjoy a wholesome, homemade meal after a long day of lounging around. And after a hearty meal and fulfilling conversation, swing yourself into a pleasant laziness with the Georgia Rope Hanging Chair.

Taking a dip?
Then here’s a great tip. If your outdoor space has a pool, the Hydra Lounger – available in charcoal, white, or champagne – is an unrivalled poolside companion!

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