We go above and beyond to ensure the hygiene of our showrooms

Working from home sounds like a dream. However, it can quickly turn into a nightmare if your home environment becomes an office space, filled with files, post-it notes, and empty coffee cups.

Ensure you have the right environment to relax during your remote working time by creating a lavish outdoor space where you can escape to and unwind. If you’re avoiding the shops right now (although you shouldn’t avoid ours, as we have vigorous safety PRECAUTIONS IN PLACE), simply browse our large selection of sophisticated and fashionable patio furniture and décor.

Your perfect get-away-from-your-home-office furniture piece awaits!

When furniture pieces are delivered, you can rest assured that our drivers have been prepared with the correct protocol to ensure the appropriate safety rules apply according to the WHO global guidelines. As an additional precaution, delivery men have been briefed to keep a safe distance from clients. Hand sanitizer will also be used before and after entering a client’s home; all packaging will also be removed from a client’s home.